Photo by Trent, taken while hiking
at Emerald Lake in
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

April 27, 2011

Good News!

Today was the day! A 2-month follow-up on my diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus in February.

The very nice and competent medical assistant weighed me first, and I was more than a little pleased to see that the doctor's scale (and you know those scales are never wrong like the little cheapie ones we have at home) says I have lost 18 pounds!

He then checked my temperature, took my blood pressure, poked my finger, did a monofilament testing on my feet, and filled everything in on the computer. Then I was off to the restroom to get a sample for the microalbumin test. Back in the room about 2 minutes, and in comes my doctor!

She exclaimed over how well I am doing. Just as I thought, she asked if I was having any side effects to the metformin! So I explained that I am not taking it, and how my chiropractor has helped me to have a plan. She looked at all the info and lab work, and then she said what I am doing is exactly right. Keep it up! Yes, 30 more pounds is a very good and realistic goal. Tap, tap, tap on her little electronic device. "That will put your BMI at 24.9 bringing you just under 25 which is the recommended goal." (What? I must have been WAY skinny with a very low BMI when I was younger!)

So both doc and I were very happy campers today! And I grinned all the way home!

(Oh, and as I was leaving, she asked me my chiropractor's name!!)



Carol-Ann. said...

Good, good, good!
You have a great chiropractor and that has been an awareness for years! That's why the little nurse in me didn't get anxious when you said you were consulting with him through all of this! It's enough to make the regular medical practitioners sit up and take note!

But all professionals and pills aside, it takes real dedication and will power to do what you've done!

Now your sister needs a little of that to rub off on her during your visit.

I've got no menu plans for while you are here. (as if I ever did!) You can teach us how to do it! Actually the protein and veggies thing is not bad!

Jeanette said...

Hi Carol-Ann! So nice to see you on my blog!

I am beginning to not miss the starches much at all. Now, I don't know if you like these particular foods, but a plate with a perfectly done pork chop, some orange-yellow squash, with some broccoli spears has SUCH a yummy look to it! I try to have a meat item and two veggies for supper. And since my chiropractor allows me to have real butter, a bit of that on the veggies just tops it off. In fact, I am quite stuffed.

And the hint of GERD I was dealing with (sometimes daily) is gone, gone, gone!

Louise said...

So glad to hear your good news Jeanette! And so thankful you're doing this without prescribed medication! What a blessing that is!
Keep up the good work!
Much love to you.

David said...

so good to be achieving better overall health. congrats to you and your medical team for making that happen. Gods blessings over you and your family, today and forever.
( I am sending you and email- separate request)

David Edward said...

following up, how are you doing with this?

Jeanette said...

Hi David. Thanks for asking. This has been one MIGHTY BIG STRESSFUL year, but I am still doing well. A bit of the weight that I lost has been gained back, but when I went to the doc for a checkup a month or so ago, my A1c was 6.0 (compared with 6.1 last year) so the doctor was extremely pleased with how I am doing. No meds. I am no longer taking the supplements from my chiropractor either, so all in all, I think this is a positive update! I hope you are doing well, too.